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McDonough Garage Door Opener Repair Job

Garage Door Openers Are Vital To Your Safety and Security

Garage door openers may be small, but they are a vital part of your garage door and the mechanisms that make it work. Not only is your garage door opener the very thing that makes sure that you can get in and out of your garage door with ease, but they are also responsible for allowing your garage door to operate in a safe manner by making sure it doesn’t close too fast or stops moving when there is something (such as a small animal or child) in the way. If you notice that your garage door opener is malfunctioning, we have the tools and expertise to make the necessary garage door repairs to get things working again. We at South Metro Garage Doors understand that a broken garage door opener is a risk to your safety, security, and convenience, and we want to help you repair or replace it as soon as possible.

When It Comes To Garage Door Opener Problems, We've Seen It All

Fortunately, we have the experience to fix your garage door opener issues.

Because garage door openers play such a large role in your garage door system, indicators that you are in need of garage door opener repair will usually manifest themselves in the way that your door operates. Get in touch with us if notice any of the following issues:
• Your garage door doesn’t ever fully open or close
• Your garage door begins the reversal process after it hits the color
• You can’t get the motor to stop, even after you’ve already opened the door
• You hear noises from your garage door opener but the door does not move
• Your garage door opener just doesn’t work at all anymore
Some of these problems have simple fixes (such as adjusting the close limit switch), while others require more complicated repair. Either way, South Metro Garage Doors can help you identify the problem and get it fixed quickly.

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Our Customer Rating

19 Reviews, Averaging 4.95 Stars!

It was a Sunday, Cesar came at time set, very personable and professional. Would not hesitate to call again.

Cheryl S. | Nov 17, 2014 | McDonough, GA

Call Today!
(770) 728-6645
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Client Testimonial
It was a Sunday, Cesar came at time set, very personable and professional. Would not hesitate to call again. ~ Cheryl S. - McDonough, GA

Calling In The Professionals Is A Necessary Task

DIY is not the way to go for garage door opener repair.

Have you considered trying to repair or replace your own garage door opener? Here’s why that could turn out to be a bad idea:

There Are Benefits To Having Your Opener Repaired Or Replaced

You deserve safety and convenience.

When we work on your garage door opener or provide you with a replacement, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

Figuring Out Your Garage Door Problems Can Be Hard

However, we can make things a lot easier.

Dealing with a broken garage door opener in McDonough, GA can be a struggle, but South Metro Garage Doors wants to help you return to an easier life. Instead of putting your safety and security at risk, give us a call. Let us give you the personal service you deserve so that you can have the assurance that your garage door and opener will be fully operational ach and every time you use it.

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